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Books I Love

Hands Free Life

At the beginning of January I read several blog posts that women wrote sharing their list of the best books they read in 2015.  A book called Hands Free Life was mentioned several times.  I went to Amazon and noticed that the Kindle price was only $1.99 (it’s currently  $8.99).  I quickly purchased it because it was only a couple of bucks.  What did I have to lose?

This book may possibly be the best $1.99 that I’ve spent in my entire life.   I absolutely loved Hands Free Life from cover to cover.  I’m even going to order a copy to keep on my bookshelf.  I love my Kindle but I’m also a huge fan of actually holding a book and turning the pages. This book is worth buying twice.

Hands Free Life is about being present in the moments you have with your family.  It’s about not missing out on life because you’re distracted with your phone and your to-do list. I cried many times while reading this amazing book.  Rachel Macy Stafford’s writing inspired me to make the right choice the night Mikayla’s world fell apart.

I don’t often leave comments on blogs but I felt compelled to leave this comment on Rachel’s blog.

I type this with tears in my eyes and a truly thankful heart. I found you only a few short weeks ago and I’m so excited for the journey ahead of me. As a mom of 4 girls (2 with special needs) most of my days feel as if joy is a distant unattainable dream. And then I read Hands Free Life and things began to change for me. Instead of rushing bedtime because I was exhausted I let my girls crawl into bed with me. Instead of worrying about their speech skills and their behavior I found myself just listening to their hearts. And it was beautiful.   I’ve felt like a robot just going through the motions each day.  Just existing but not living. But now I have hope. I have hope that joy can be a part of my life once again.

I still have days when I make the wrong choice and rush through life.  Today was one of those days.  I’m definitely a work in progress.  But reading this book has sparked a fire in me to live a more intentional life with fewer distractions.  It’s time to enjoy my family instead of feeling stressed and anxious all the time.

If you would like to know more about Rachel Macy Stafford and how to have a Hands Free Life check out her website  Believe me.  It will be worth your time.  If you need me I’ll be over at Amazon ordering Hands Free Life and Rachel’s other book Hands Free Mama.  Kinda wish I had Amazon Prime.  Sigh.