Two New Bikes For Two Happy Girls

Mikayla and Hope have never been able to ride a regular bicycle.  Their feet would slip off the pedals. They always wanted to pedal backward instead of forward. They couldn’t overcome friction to make the bike go.  And we were told that they would probably never be able to balance a bicycle.  But I always hoped that someday I would see them ride a bike.  And I did.

Last year I saw them ride an adaptive tricycle at Easter Seals.  It was the moment I had waited for.  But it was only a moment.  I wanted to see them be able to ride their own bike at home.  I told Brett that we needed to buy them a bike like the one at Easter Seals.  I searched the internet and was shocked by what I found. $1200 for an adaptive bike.  We would need $2400 for our girls to have a bike of their own.  My dream for our girls to have their own bike seemed impossible.

In February my friend Francie sent us papers from an organization that gives adaptive bikes to those who need them.  I filled out the papers and sent them in.  At the beginning of March I took the girls to be measured so their bikes would be the right size.  The exciting day finally arrived and we took the girls to pick up their new bicycles.  I’m thankful that Francie sent me the papers.  I’m thankful for the organization that supplied the bikes and for the people who made donations to purchase the bikes.  I’m thankful for people who took time out of their Sunday afternoon to put the bikes together.  All of these people working together made my dream for our girls come true.






Mikayla and Brynna




Mikayla and Hope with Laura and Marti. These ladies helped them get their new bikes.

My friend Francie's daugther Abby got a new bike too. Mikayl & Hope love Abby

Francie’s daughter Abby got a new bike too. Mikayla and Hope were hugging Abby and saying “I love you”.

Mikayla and Hope are 11 years old and they can finally ride a bike.  It’s happened slower for them than most kids.  Yes, we have to strap their feet to the pedal for them to ride.  And they can’t ride without someone going with them.  But they have their own bike and they can ride it.  And that’s really all that matters.

Putting The Pieces Back Together Again


The washer started making a funny noise.  That can’t be good.  Then it started walking across the laundry room.  That can’t be good either.  My handsome handyman did a little research and he ordered a couple of parts.  Saturday arrived and he dismantled the washer.  Parts were scattered all over the floor.  As I stepped over all the pieces they seemed to symbolize our life.  I felt like many parts of our life weren’t working anymore.  What are we going to do about this?  What are we going to do about that?  What if this happens?  What if that happens?  Is life always going to feel like this?  Or is it possible that all the scattered pieces of our life could go back together and life would start working again?

I said a silent prayer for our washer.  Please let these parts be the answer.  Please let it work when Brett gets it back together again.  I prayed but I also doubted.  My mind had the washer dead and buried.  I was already irritated with the thought of going to Sears and picking out a new one.  Why do I do that?  Why do I always think it’s going to be complicated instead of simple?  Why do I assume the worst rather than hope for the best?

45 minutes later Brett had the washer back together again.  Now for a test run. We threw in some towels and waited for the verdict.  Well, would you look at that.  It’s not making that noise and it’s not walking across the room. Brett had fixed the washer for $15.  We rejoiced because this repair was quick. easy, and it didn’t break the budget.   And in that moment the Lord spoke to my heart.  He said “I want to do the same for every area of your life.  I want to show you how to fix the parts of your life that don’t work anymore.  Just trust Me. ”

Sometimes a part of our life will work for years and then it will suddenly no longer work as well as it used to.  That’s what has happened for our family with homeschooling.  I started homeschooling 15 years ago when Taylor was 4 years old.  I’ve enjoyed every single part of it.  Homeschool mom has been part of my identity. I thought that I would homeschool all of our girls through high school.  But this school year I began to notice that it was no longer working for Mikayla and Hope.  It’s been a struggle for them and it’s been a struggle for me.   It’s time for a change.  I will continue to homeschool Brynna for the next 2 years until she graduates from high school.  What worked for Taylor and Brynna isn’t working for Mikayla and Hope.

Brett and I have decided that Mikayla and Hope will be going to school next year. We’ve prayed and the Lord has put many people in our path who are helping us on our journey.  I’m choosing to hope for the best.  I know the process will include a lot of trial and error.  We’ll find out this part didn’t work but this one did.  And I believe that one day we will feel like we did when the new parts made the washer work again. We will rejoice because the new school and the new experiences have helped make Mikayla and Hope’s lives work better.